Assignment : Search Engine Exercise 1-6

29 ก.ย.

Exercise 1

1. Which queries would match a page containing “GoogleGuide”?

a. guide

b. leg

c. googleguide

d. GoogleGuide

e. google

Ans. C,D

2. Which words the following query will find:


a. non-profit

(non-profit, non profit, nonprofit)

b. non profit

(non profit, nonprofit)

c. Nonprofit


Exercise 2

1. How many square kilometers are 1000 acres?

Ans. 4.04686 kilometers

2. What is patent 5123123 about?

Ans. Bathtub overflow control device

3. How was the Polish city B ILGORAY spelled in Hebrew in a picture of a page from a book written there?

Ans. Bʲiwˈɡɔraj

4. Find a paper by Ericson about the effects of anti-depressants during pregnancy.


5. Find a list of restaurants and synagogues less than a mile far from the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza at San Francisco Union Square.



  1. Farallon
  1. Sears Fine Food
  1. Lori’s Diner
  1. Scala’s Bistro
  1. Harry Denton’s Starlight Room
  1. Sotano Grill
  1. Roxanne’s
  1. Uncle Vito’s Pizza
  1. Daffodil Restaurant


  1. Taoist Association of America
  1. American Chinese Presbyterian
  1. Diocese of the West
  1. Congregation Keneseth Israel

Exercise 3

1. Search for a keyword in a big website use several search engines. How many results do you get?

Ans. (Keyword: Exo)

AOL –> 82,800,000 results

Google –> 82,500,000 results

Bing –> 8,770,000 results

Yahoo –> 51,100,000esults



2. What is the zipcode of 8 Hachermon st. in Kfar Sava?

Ans. 44252

3. What was the exchange rate of Canadian dollars(in us dollars) from 20 Sep 1991?

Ans. 0.88067 USD (อ้างอิง

4. What was the value of Berkshire stock (BRK.A) on Nov. 12 1996?

Ans. 33,500.00 USD (อ้างอิง

5. Who designed Teldan’s website, as existed in May 1998?

Ans. Custom web design

6. בשיר עברי המנה השניה היא הרימון, מהי המנה הראשונה?


7. באיזו עיר בישראל גרה דודתו של אברמוביץ אברהם (בומי) ז”ל?


8. Find a website/database relevant to your work study.


Exercise 4

1. What are the relevant/related topics to “billing software”?

Ans. Accounting Software and Invoicing Software

2. Find authoritative press releases sites.


3. How much is 1 US$ today?

Ans. 1 US$ = 30.9 THB.

4. What is the meaning of the word “Google”?

Ans. Google หรือ Googol คือ ศัพท์ทางคณิตศาสตร์ ที่มีเลข 1 แล้วตามด้วยเลขศูนย์ 100 ตัว

5. Find technical, non-commercial, papers about “search engine personalization”.


6. How much a 17’’ flat computer monitor cost?

Ans. 2,500

Exercise 5

1. Which search engine was named after a song from a Disney movie?


2. Why Arrack turns white when mixed with water?


This dilution causes the clear liquor to turn a translucent milky-white color; this is because anethole, the essential oil of anise, is soluble in alcohol but not in water.

3. How many employees Team company (Israel) has?

Ans. 46,000 employee

4. Find other websites related to MindBranch.


5. Find statistics on how much time Americans spend, on average, searching for information on the Internet.

Ans. On average, Americans spend 14 hours per week searching for information.

6. Find statistics on how long it takes for people searching for information to get frustrated when they don’t find what they want?

Ans. Americans spend 9,000,000 hours per day searching for misplaced item

Exercise 6

Find a website that displays the following real-time flight information:



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